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A beautiful couple, Manyok Mabuk and Achuoth John Machiek, were married at Saint Anglican Church, Parramatta in Sydney. The couple exchanged vows as they committed their lives to each other, in front of many relatives, friends and colleagues. The guests came from all over Australia. It was an exciting event that made people spend lots of money on clothes, shoes and jewelry and also on air and land transport to get to the wedding.

After the church services people were invited to reception at the Lidcomb Club. The reception dinner was served to two hundred people. It was an opportunity for relatives, friends and colleagues to give advice to the couple, tell a history of their parents and wish them a good life. It was also a photo opportunity with friends, relatives and colleagues. Soon afterward, the bride and groom were called to open the party with their extended family and distinguished guests. The party continued until 3AM.


Yaak Chol Barage and Noon Kon Noon both come from the USA to visit their relatives in Australia. It was an emotional reunion, especially for Noon who had not seen his mother for years. He had left when he was a very small boy not sure if he would see his parents again. His father was killed in a motor vehicle accident in Kenya in 2004 and his mother had arrived in Australia in 2005.

The event was opened by prayers, then relatives were given the chance to have their say. Many speakers have given their support and assurance to the boys with praise for keeping their mother tongue and advice to be ambassadors of their home land.


Abdon Agaw and Abuk Apeech Ayom celebrated their wedding anniversary at St George Anglican Church. The priest praised the Lord for their years of success. Relatives, friends, colleagues and members of the Sudanese Community come from all over Australia.